Case Study Research: How to get an “A”

Writing a great essay or research paper that even the most demanding teacher will accept requires more than just hard work. It is also necessary to qualitatively define the topic and subtopics of your work and be able to describe them acceptably. In some cases, it may still be necessary not only to study the sources - other scientific research. But also work with people, conducting opinion polls and interviews. This is necessary to understand the mass trend on a specific topic. And for those who have problems with making it into a good text, there is research paper writing service that can assist with any type of writing assignment. You can find out more about the types of work you can order, as well as see different samples on various topics. No need to worry about the time frame. Writing experts know how to set goals, create a writing plan and stick to the deadline. If you decide to write a research paper on your own, do the same: create an outline, draft a paper, add references and follow the required academic style.

In order to make your case study research exciting and informative, while picking a topic or thesis statement of a paper, an author must answer the following questions:

  1. Will a unique, not typical problem or phenomenon will be a subject of research? Does the issue need more in-depth research at all?
  2. Will the paper give essential information concerning the problem?
  3. Will it contradict the already existing research or complete them?
  4. Will it provide a necessary and actual resolution for the specific task or happening?
  5. Will it be useful to implement the results of your work in future research?

By answering these questions, an author can develop the paper’s purpose statements. It can concern the new methods or a new point of view towards the new or already existing subject. Also, an author can better understand what case study research is and what the reasons to compose it instead of other types of academic assignments are.

Case study research definition in detail

Usually, by reading this peculiar academic paper, we understand two things: it can be a way of analysis or a unique research paper aimed to examine a problem. Both definitions often refer to the sociological kinds of science. A case study research paper is a way to make a precise exploration of a person, location, phenomenon or a circumstance aimed to reveal certain regularities, patterns, and features of the problem.

As a rule, one separate object or subject are being investigated, but sometimes the comparative analysis can be implemented. The case study research definition goes beyond the traditional science. For instance, this term is widely used in marketing, referring to a particular customer study.

Case study structure peculiarities

As with any other academic writing, this kind of paper has a stable structure. Different paragraphs play specific roles and cannot be substituted with each other. Its main parts are an introduction, a review on literature piece, a page with methods description, a discussion, and a conclusion page. Case study research design and methods can vary from paper to paper, but the structure is relatively stable. The only exception is the usage of different appendixes (e.g., tables, pictures, graphs).

Introduction and Literature Review

It must be a roadmap for the audience. An author must describe why a certain case is being studied and how it is related to a problem. The answers to these questions must be connected. To write the introduction, you are to answer the following questions:

  • What was the subject of the study?
  • Why is the chosen topic important?
  • What is the previous knowledge?
  • What is the usage of the document in the future?

The next part is called an annotated bibliography literature review. Its goal is giving the background for the research case study. It enables the subject’s historical interpreting and reveals the connection with other studies. It can help with the following: finding out how these books affected the issue of research; searching for relations between already existing works; finding the new ways of explanation of the research; conflict resolving.

Case study research methodology: Analyze appropriately

As a rule, this section is divided into three parts: methods, people involved and ways of the data analysis. For writing a profound section, one should know what methodology in research is. All methods, experiments, questionnaires’ and tests must be described. The audience must know their authors, purposes, and ways of use.

Then an author should describe participants of the research. How they were involved and what their essential peculiarities were used in the research. The last section of the case study research methodology section tells about all the possible ways of the data analysis. Why they are relevant and how they were used in the case study.

Case Study Research Methods and their importance

They depend on the subject of a case study. Experts can point out the following well-spread ways of research:

  • Observation, which can be performed inside the studied environment or outside it
  • Psychological tests or questionnaires
  • Individual or group interviews
  • Reproduction of the event or happening

Case study research methods are dependent form the subjects, object, and the goals of the study. Also, different sciences imply various methods.

Discussion and Conclusion

In these sections, an author describes and interprets the results of research. Different parts are aimed to show how the data obtained from the experiments correlates with a thesis statement of the research, whether it approves or disproves it.

In conclusion, the author’s primary goal is to show how the research affects the already existing pieces of knowledge and how it can be integrated into the definite system of sciences. It is a summary of the facts, concepts, and ideas which appeared as a result of the research. These sections must be written in a simple, clear and understandable language.